Synth Music

Synth music is a contemporary style of music using the latest in technologies such as Synthesiser Keyboards,Vocoders etc.. Leading musicians in this field include the likes of Vangelis,Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, David Arkenstone, Gandalf, Ian Boddy, John Dyson, David Wright, Robert Fox,Yanni,Suzanne Ciani,Enya,Jan Hammer,Kitaro, Klaus Schulze and the list goes on...Other favourites include Bekki Williams, Andy Pickford, Mark Dwane, Mars Lasar, Iotronic, Claudio Merlini,2002, and Robert De Fresnes.

Getting started

What do you need to create your own Synth Music? It varies from either buying a Music Keyboard with a builtin 16 track sequencer,speakers and hard disk/floppy disk, or if you already have a computer such as a PC/MAC, you can buy music creation software by companies such as Roland,Steinberg, and others. Alternatively you can combine both and more to create your own music studio, if you have the money.

Synthesisers, etc...

You will find that you can buy either Online through places like amazon or your local retailer like argos, but the high-end synthesisers, you normally have to buy from a specialist dealer (e.g. or Professional Music Technology) for brands such as KORG,Roland,Yamaha,MOOG,etc. In regards to Vocoders you can get them built in with your Korg Synth, or you can buy software such as IL Vocodex and a Mic. In regards to Theremins they can in the form of hardware as used by the comedian/actor Bill Bailey or VST Instruments such as Spook Keys/Super Spook Keys.

Music creation software

You can buy music creation software online through a variety of online stores including amazon, or you can try your local music shop (e.g. or Professional Music Technology).Leading brands include Steinberg,Sony,Cakewalk,Image Line FL Studio, Avid Pro Tools, Apple(Logic Pro/Garage Band), etc..You can add instruments to most software in the form of VST/AAX(newer Avid format) from various companies such as Steinberg, Tone2, Image Line, etc...For sampling there is Halion, Kontakt, etc...