Album Reviews

Mark Dwane - Anomalies

This is a beautiful Cosmicesque album full of space music worthy of a big budget film akin to '2001 : A Space Odyssey'. My favourite tracks include Anomalies,God's creatures, River of Stars, and Precession of the Equinoxes. I totally enjoyed this musical delight, and repeatedly gets played by myself. Overall 10/10.

Iotronica - Of Moon And Stars

Lovely album Iotronic, beautifully crafted Cosmic music. Hints of Tangerine Dream/Vangelis/Wavestar/Van Zyl/Arkenstone. My favourite tracks so far are 'Destination IO' and 'Dreaming of Oceans on Ganymede' (very Dreamy/heavenly like tracks by Llewellyn/2002). Another winner from the AD Music label. Overall 10/10.

Claudio Merlini - Enchantment

Lovely album Claudio, certainly enchants people in my family, as it's constantly played. My favourite tracks are 'Enchantment' and 'Magic Sleigh Ride'. Overall 10/10.

Bekki Williams - Edge Of Human

This is Bekkis fourth album on the AD Music label, and goes from strength to strength. Some tracks resemble haunts of David Arkenstone/Vangelis/Gandalf styles of keyboards. However, regardless of some similarities, Bekki creates another brilliant masterpiece of music. Overall 10/10. You should try her other brilliant albums - Elysian Fields, Innersense, and Shadow of the Wind.

Robert De Fresnes - Mythology

This is Roberts second album on the AD Music label, and goes from strength to strength. Some tracks resemble haunts of David Arkenstone/Rick Wakemen styles of keyboards and narration/singers. However, regardless of some similarities, Robert manages to keep his own keyboard style intact throughout the whole album. Overall 10/10. You should, also try his other brilliant album - Atlantis.

Robert Fox - Timeless

I thought this album was brilliant. I especially liked the track, 'Somewhere out there', which is very catchy. Reminded me a bit of the synth rock of Tangerine Dream. The opening track from the album reminded me of my own visit to Canada and especially my visit to Niagra Falls. Believe this album is a compilation/best of his works. Overall 10/10

Nick Magnus - Inhaling Green

Brilliant album. My favourite tracks were 'Theme One', and 'Inhaling Green'. Overall 10/10.